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Welcome to Liam Rocks!

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Here I am at the beginning of officially sharing this journey publicly and it is a little scary for me. Will I live up to the potential that I know can be reached with Liam? Will I be enough of a mom to give him a safe and happy future? I watched the 2nd Nanny McPhee movie with the boys 2 nights ago. And I found myself thinking, Nanny McPhee, I need you! No one came to my door or window however and I sat there exhausted and overwhelmed from the day.  Some days I feel so inspired and optimistic that I can figure out what Liam needs and manage to implement it in our lives. Some days I just want to crawl under a rock and not deal with it all.  I do know I need to come to some sort of balance within myself first so that I can be strong and consistent with Liam.

I have experimented with the Body Ecology diet over the past year. The more I tried to do it with Liam, the calmer he seemed to get. People did notice improvement. It is however something I have struggled to really commit to.  Food is such a part of our society and the fact that all 3 boys were raised  on the SAD (standard American diet), unfortunately they are addicted to these foods. I now know however that this is something that will simply have to change despite its challenges. I know the rewards will be great for our entire family. When I followed the diet myself, my arthritis symptoms disappeared and I had never felt more energized in my life.  So my job ahead is to dive into the diet, commit and heal Liam’s and our entire family’s bodies giving them the best possible nourishment I can provide.  This means a lot of organic veggies (80%) and proteins (20%), healing broths, young coconut kefir, fermented veggies, green smoothies, healthy fats (coconut oil, avocado, palm oil), and whatever supplements I can afford to supply his body.  Autistic children are usually in such a state of mal-nourishment. Their brains are literally starving and the answer lies, I believe, in first healing their gut. There is a series of short videos on Youtube, that explains it all such a way that makes perfect sense. For me it gave me a complete picture of the possibility of recovery rather than just pieces.  When I first came upon the Body Ecology Diet, I looked at it and thought no way  could I do this and I put it out of my mind. When it came to my attention a second time via these videos I watched and I thought there is no way  I can not do this for my child.  So here I am one year later and I need to begin. It is my intention to share this as it unfolds truth and all.  I know what I have to do.

The second part of this journey is sharing Liam’s Son-Rise program as it unfolds. I believe in divine guidance and learning about Son-Rise has certainly been a result of this. It is a loving and accepting approach to autism that can produce miracles! It is a home-based therapy program that parents learn at the beautiful campus in Sheffield MA. You go there with such a mixed bag of fear, anxiety, love, determination and hope for your child. For 5 days you sit in  a room with other parents of autistic children from across the globe and you are not alone anymore. Everyone in this room gets it. It was the most profound experience of my life thus far.  They teach you that you can choose love and acceptance for how your child is right at this moment. Your child is a gift! You take this love and acceptance into your child’s Son-Rise playroom and play joyfully with your child every day. They really are super perceptive and they see a change in you. You go into their world with their permission and when they are ready they follow you out. It is a magical experience.  I have been blessed to attend the Start-Up program and Maximum Impact. I am ready to begin his program along with the diet.  I am seeking volunteers, as much of the success of Son-Rise is because of people willing to volunteer and help families like mine.  The more hours spent in this loving environment, the more amazing the results will be.

This has been an amazing journey so far. I have been pushed to what feel like my limits (but I know better). Liam is an energetic, happy, loving little boy who can be quite mischievous at times. At times it can be downright scary. He opens the door of our car while I am driving (Mercedes, no child locks, shame on you!). He runs away from me if I let his hand go, without regard for cars or anything else dangerous and now he actually runs faster than me.  He finds our keys and goes out on the balcony of the second floor to climb on the ledge (time to throw those keys away).  We have to use a key to leave our house so that he doesn’t run away. He will sometimes scream at the top of his lungs if we are out in public knowing it is getting to me (oh the looks I get!). He will try to cook objects in the toaster oven and flush all kinds of things down the toilet. He climbs up walls and doors and pulls out the vents. He has jumped out of a second-story window, and ran into  the side of a car going 40mph (scariest moment of my life).  He is however the sweetest, happiest and most special little boy. He loves his Daddy and they are inseparable. Marcus’s dream is to win the lottery so he can spend every waking moment with Liam. They go to parks together, to car garages (Liam’s favorite thing to do), long walks every day.  I am really blessed to have such a loving and involved husband. We simply were meant to be his parents. He sleeps between us every night, so confidently loved.

Navigating the journey of Autism can be scary, overwhelming and frustrating at times. I also have known it to be full of joy, summoning the deepest of gratitude. These children are simply angels amongst us. They are so pure and display a wisdom that one just can not deny. They will not be molded into what society deems acceptable. They follow their bliss. There really is quite a lot we can learn from them at a profound level.  I have my ups and downs and I simply must accept this in myself.  It is my intention to walk forward hand in hand with Liam proudly and with sweet anticipation of a future that allows him to be who he came here to be. I will share this journey as it unfolds.

I just want to thank all who have supported me thus far in this journey. Paulo Martins who designed and built this beautiful website , ,Marcus and Carla for your amazing love and support, Mom for your ever-caring generosity that has made so much of this possible, to Shannon for sharing with me the possibility of Son-Rise and then giving me a class so that Marcus could attend, and to all my friends and family who have prayed, supported and given me the gift of hope that my child can have the brightest future possible. God has proven to me over and over that I am not alone in this. This is only the beginning……