Liam’s Son-Rise Program

Son RiseSupport and volunteers are needed to run a Son-Rise Program for Liam’s continued journey to recovery.

I have been blessed to have been able to attend the Son-Rise Program Start-up June, 2010 at the Autism Treatment Center of America ™ in Sheffield MA, and the Maximum Impact program with my husband in November. Autism is  a mysterious condition and the answers are not always clear. Each child is unique. I am eager to start a program for Liam and see where it takes us as a family.

We are hoping to work our way up to running a full-time Son-Rise program. Volunteers are a vital part to the success of Son-Rise. The more hours the child is able to spend playing with loving, enthusiastic volunteers and parents, the better chances are for a recovery.

Further support will be needed to for us to continue to be educated as we go along in his program. We are hoping to be able to obtain an in-home outreach one day which brings a Son-Rise facilitator into our home to work with us for a few days one on one. I am hoping to attend the next program in May, New Frontiers, which will take Liam’s program to a new level.

We have seen stories if children achieving the seemingly impossible achievement of being able to say, when I ‘had’ autism due to the loving, accepting and nurturing environment that is provided by the running of a Son-Rise program. We don’t know for sure where this will take us but we are aiming to strike the right balance between hope for Liam’s future and acceptance of his now. Somewhere in between the two a miracle is possible. (Here is a great introductory video for those who want to know how Son-Rise can help their child)

877 766-7473