About Liam


Liam is an eight-year-old energetic and happy little boy. He is curious, joyous and full of laughter. He is so in love with his daddy, they are like two peas in a pod. While he is not what one would call typical, he has taught me so much more than I could ever have imagined had I not had the blessing, yes blessing, to have an autistic child in my life.

I admit some days it feels like anything but a blessing. I have been challenged, angry, fearful, exhausted. I have had nights with so little sleep, I don’t think my body even knows how to sleep a full night anymore. I always come back to hope though and knowing that God really does only give you what you can handle. I can not only handle this, but I can feel gratitude and joy along the way loving this beautiful little being in my life.

One of the biggest fears of any parent of a child with autism is what will their future be like? Who will care for them if we cannot? Will they be able to be independent, get higher education, or have a family? It puts tremendous pressure on the parent to desperately try to do all they can to recover their child. Every time I begin to feel that way, I stop myself and remember that this is Liam’s journey and wherever he takes us, it will be ok.