Fundraising For Liam

As you all may or may not know the cost of raising an autistic child over a lifetime can be staggering to the tune of 3 million dollars. It is my hope that instead my child can be recovered and one day earn his own 3 million dollars if he so chooses. It is my hope that he can be happy, self-sufficient and in love with life. It can be so scary for anyone to face their own mortality. Throw in having children to provide for, and take it even further and throw one in that one fears will never be able to care for himself and you have yourself a burning desire to do all you can to help this child succeed. I am daring to dream for Liam that he can fully recover and oneday say he ‘had’ autism.  I have researched for countless hours and followed my heart and intution and it has lead me to the most magical of discoveries. I am learning about diet, biomedical intervention, and Son-Rise. I am doing my best trying to get him all the best foods that will help heal his body and that can be 2-3 times the cost of ‘typical’ food. I am trying to seek out what treatments have the best chances of working and I have come across some promising ones I hope to be able to give Liam in the near future. I am in the middle of my Son-Rise journey and so excited about it. Already it has changed our lives for the better and we’ve only just begun. My next step is to attend Autism Treatment Center of America’s New Frontiers Program on May 15. It will give insight of how to raise the stakes of my Son-Rise program with Liam and challenge him even more. I plan on trying to get some one-0n-one consultations while there as well as suppot services after. I think this is where I went wrong and got a little lost so far. When I get stuck, I don’t know what to do. I need to be able to have their support to ask questions specifically about Liam. After his program is running solidly over this summer, I hope to have an outreach in the fall where a Son-Rise facilitator comes into our home and guides us and gives us inspirtation and needed direction.   I am also hoping to be able to raise some funds to be able to get him to see a specialized Doctor called a Dan (defeat autism now) Doctor who understands the needs of these kids and can suggest needed supplements and treatments and monitor them. Up until this point I have been ‘shooting in the dark’ and guessing based upon my research what he needs. But each child is unique.These are my dreams to help achieve a full recovery for Liam. I am so grateful for all who give their love, prayers and/or financial support that will make achieving our dreams for Liam a reality. I really believe that what you give with an open heart really does come back to you 10-fold. It is my prayer that all who give that this be the case. We all deserve to hope and believe in our dreams.Our current goal is to fundraise 2500.00  by April 15 for the next Son-Rise training program, New Frontiers To donate directly to the Autism Treatment Center of America, all proceeds go directly to Liam’s Son-Rise Program, New Frontiers Training

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Son-Rise Program Senior Family Counselor

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