August 22, 2011

It has been a quiet summer, in which I feel like I have been hiding! Hiding from my promise to share the results of my self-imposed goals of getting a strong Son-Rise program running, a successful implementation of diet, along with my own personal goals of reaquainting myself with a crash course in accounting so that I could be ready to begin my Master’s in Forensic Accounting program at FAU which begins, oh in 5 days. Although I finished my b.s. in accounting this past December, having never really worked with it I felt I needed more study of the basics. I also planned on studying for the GMAT which I will have to take and pass by the middle of October to stay in the program.

Well guess how much of this I accomplished? You guessed it, none! I did however have a really fun summer with the boys. We bought 2 surfboards and learned to surf. I actually stood up on one briefly as I rode a wave in, and if my boys would let go of the board for more than 5 minutes I might have caught more! We ate whatever we wanted, one excuse rolled into another and although it may have not been the best choice for any of us, we certainly enjoyed it for what it was worth. The freedom of being able to dine anywhere without worrying. We had a friend’s daughter, Carolina, stay with us for 2 weeks and Iknew she would not be to fond of veggies smoothies for breakfast.  Liam did gain weight. He is very solid right now, not too skinny. So I will lay down the guilt, and take it all for the best things it gave us as a family.

Now it is time to get back though. It is not easy for me, but very necessary. I know in my own body I feel the effects of consuming gluten and sugar. My joints are aching again and my arms go numb and tingle at times. I feel tired.  Liam is hyper and compulsive. It is time to find a peace around diet and come to a plan that works for our family. I do know that complete strict compliance is not likely. It brings more stress around food that quite possibly negates the positive effects of  the diet. I do plan on reducing sugar to absolute minimal if not any, no gluten, no dairy and no refined carbs. That is where I will start. I will make coconut Keefer and cultured veggies and give him green powder smoothies, vitamins, and fish oil every day.  This alone in about a month should calm him down some.

I met someone who is willing to volunteer with Liam in his playroom and I couldn’t be more excited. I am going to add a page to this site explaining what Son-Rise is and how it works as best I can.  She has daughters that are also willing to work with him and I feel so encouraged that I can get his program running strong. You can not go wrong with Son-Rise. You go into a room and pour love on a child in a judgement-free zone. They flourish in response.  I don’t know where exactly we will end up as a result, but it is time for me to let go of the fear of not achieving anything close to full recovery and enjoy the journey. I am going to let go and trust he will go where his heart takes him. It is my job to love him, all of him and that I do.

I look forward to writing more as this Son-Rise journey unfolds. I am out of hiding. My life is about to get hectic again, bringing school into the mix, but I am up for the challenge. Sometimes we need a break, and this summer was truly that for me. We thouroughly enjoyed every moment. Its hard to believe the boys went back to school today. I blink and they grow, I blink and they change, I open my eyes to an ever-shifting family, our journies intertwined.  I am daring to reach for the stars, I am content to sit back at times and just take it all in. An ebb and flow of  inspiring chaos and  sweet moments of calm.

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