April 25, 2011

It has happened yet again. I put my faith in God that if it was in my fate I would be able to attend the third in a series of S0n-Rise training programs and through the blessings of wonderful family members, it is so. I will be attending New Frontiers in May.  I was fortunate enough to come across a volunteer that has worked with Son-Rise before and she was able to come see me and give me some helpful insights and clarity. I learned I was not joining enough in the playroom with Liam. One of the most important aspects of the Son-Rise program is to join the child in his or her ‘isms’. Isms are the things they do to take care of themselves such as flapping arms, rocking, or repetitive actions.  They do this because it makes them feel better and helps them deal with the difficulties they have in being in our world. If you truly go in and join them in this for however long it takes minutes, hours, days, weeks, months; it does not matter how long.  If you do it with a genuine acceptance, they then will see you joining in their world and feel connected with you, feeling safer to venture out.  I sat with Liam and twisted my hair elastic around and hummed for an hour, with a few wonderful interactions.  I played Chutes and Ladders and moved the pieces for Liam. Occasionally he would take an interest and move the piece himself.  He asked to go in the fun car with daddy,which is the convertible.  I asked him what song they play and he jumped in my lap and with the biggest smile began to sing “Hey Soul Sister”.  That song to me is the epitome of Liam,  it has such a happy, celebratory beat and musicality to it.  For the first time I went into the playroom feeling no pressure. It felt good to just ‘be’ with Liam. I didn’t realize this before, but I do not have to take on the whole scope of what I hope to achieve with Liam and carry it into the playroom each session. I just go in and relax and be and the magic will unfold itself.  He enjoyed it and wanted to stay in longer.  I am really excited to have arrived in the place I am at with him.  It is my hope to be able to find enough volunteers by June so that he can have a full-time program running. 

There are so many different approaches to take in dealing with autism. I admit I sometimes wonder, am choosing the right one’s?  Many claim they have the answer. As far as I am concerned I feel there is no one right answer. We can take from each what fits our families and leave the rest.  I am really grateful there are choices out there.  I do not think Son-Rise is  exclusively the only way to heal my child.  I do think however it will do just that.  I love its loving approach. They teach you how to take care of the whole family in such a healing way.  I am confident in my choice to make it my primary foundation for all else I do with Liam.

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