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January 1, 2012

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Here it is! The beginning of another year, holidays behind along with them the excuses to eat all the yummy foods that are so ingrained in them.  There is just something to the fact that food is such a huge part of society, traditions and rituals. When we think of Thanksgiving its turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberrysauce, apple pie, pumpkin pie etc. Christmas more of the same, Christmas cookies, ham, cakes, etc. No one says Oh its Christmas I can’t wait to make a Christmas salad! However this is something I have to find a way to change my perception of food. The ‘comfort’ foods simply are not good for us and especially for Liam. While I enjoyed being ‘bad’ this year with food, eating all we craved, all that was convenient, all that we grew up knowing no other way. I made cookies, I gave the kids pizza on all the nights I was too tired and overwhelmed to cook, I let them have cereal in the morning and I let Liam buy lunch at school (which he was thrilled with!).  A huge part of me enjoyed this, but I knew deep down that I was paying for it in ways that just did not sit right with me. I myself gained weight to the point that if I gain any more I will have to go up a size.  Liam has been hyperactive. Tristan is addicted  to sugar and carbs, hates vegetables. Marcus is tired and lacking energy.  So while it was fun to do what is considered the ‘norm’, I am ready to make changes that will change our future. I am going to try the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. I won’t go into specifics here, but after reading all the science behind it, it makes sense, and most importantly it seems doable for me. A lot of diets makes sense for one reason or another, but they do little good if we can’t live up to them.  I want to clarify, that I am not desperately grasping at straws when I seek out information that can help Liam and autism. I do a lot of reading. I am going to give this Specific Carbohydrate Diet a try. Let’s see where it takes us!

As far as Liam, I kind of stayed away from writing on this blog about him because I kind of felt like I was failing him and had nothing to report. However my husband keeps pointing out that he is blossoming before our eyes and this is true! I may not be running his Son-Rise program yet, doing his multi-sensory therapy, or following diet. He is developing before our eyes, really able to express himself in ever-new ways. I attribute this to a few things. First of all I think the most important thing is the love we shower on him. We accept him as he is and he feels so secure and loved. He can be himself. We learned this from Son-Rise. We truly cherish him for who he is right now.  He wakes up everymorning saying “I love you MOMMY!” He loves hugs and tickles.  We talk and laugh and play. He gets up and gets his iPad and climbs back into bed and we play some more.  All through the day we love this child and he is blossoming.

A second factor I feel his development is attributed to his school. I think they are doing a wonderful job with him. He loves to go to school, so I know he is happy there. His school experiences have not always been positive so I have learned along the way what I want for him. Most importantly I want teachers and professionals around him that love what they do and love their students. I think the teacher-to-student ratio is wonderful this year too, not too overcrowded. Two years ago he had 10 students, one teacher, one paraprofessional, and one speech therapist. It was chaotic and dangerous. I think it is so important to have enough adults present with these children so that they can get the attention and learning they deserve. I am thoroughly happy with his school situation this year. If I weren’t then I would probably pull him out and home-school. I am glad I do not have to! I have prayed for things to work out and they have been.

My next step is to really get the Son-Rise program going on a regular basis. I am going to reach out this week and look for volunteers. I am a little afraid of this but I can do it. Son-Rise families are doing this all over the world with miraculous results. It will be exciting to see where it can take us as a family!

So a new year and yes a new me. I think we are always in a process of renewal, but New Years is the time to stop and pay attention to it. It gives it that extra push to get a momentum going.  As wonderful as holidays are, they are stressful. As much as I miss the magic of them, it feels so good to put them behind, put the tree away, clear the clutter and have nothing else to distract you from what is really calling you towards your best future. It is time to listen to that voice, make changes and love yourself along the way. Make it playful! That is what I intend to do. The theme of this year will be play for me. Play in Liam’s Son-Rise program, play with my older boys more (perhaps embracing their silliness, rather than being annoyed by it). Play with the new diet, see how fun it can be to come up with new recipes. As a result I know I will feel better and have way more energy, to do what? Go play! Go to the park and Rollerblade, go work out with Marcus, go for walks with Liam.

If I make mistakes, oh well, keep moving on. No more focusing on what I  am doing wrong, because everything is going to be all ‘right’.