nov-2010-138.JPGAutism is something that more and more families have to face.  Having a child that is autistic can be the greatest challenge; it calls to one’s courage and determination. It also can be the greatest of blessings, for they have within them a spark of the divine. They are a blessing and a gift. I know this to be true to the depths of my soul. I have glimpsed this magic. I have peered into my sons eyes, nose to nose and love just pours out of me and into my little guy.

I would share my experiences with others and many have said that I really should start a website to share what I have learned thus far. I thought I would love to do that, but I don’t feel I have mastered anything to be worthy of sharing my experience or knowledge.  What I do know however is that this is a journey and we are not perfect. I fall off the path quite often, but here I am again ready to begin and rise to the challenge that comes with daring to hope for a recovery. Daring to hope my son can one day graduate from college, have a family and live a happy and secure life.

I would like to share this journey in an honest manner. It is all I can do.  I have days where I am far from perfect, but I always find myself back on this path of trying to heal my child and hoping for his future.

Liam is 8 years old and full of energy. He is a happy, silly and inquisitive child.  He loves to climb everything he can, swim, play with his Daddy and visit car garages to look over all the edges. The part I am challenged with is that he likes to run away and does not worry about danger, cars etc. He opens the door while I am driving, climbs up light poles, runs through restaurants and stores and runs away from class at school.   I have a feeling that this behavior would fade away if I could somehow become comfortable with it.  There is the paradox. How can I get comfortable with such things? The solution has come my way this year.

I have been blessed to be able to attend two Son-Rise® programs  at the Autism Treatment Center™ in Massachusetts.  It is a home-based therapy program run by the parents.  I have learned so much there and now I would like to share my experience day by day as it unfolds via this website.  One of the most fundamental things they teach you is that your child is a gift just as he or she is. Where a typical response to having a child diagnosed as autistic might be fear, sadness, anger etc, you can decide to feel joy, acceptance and hope instead. As with all things it life it is all really attitudinal.  Autistic children are highly perceptive and they sense when you are genuine or not.  The key is to go into the Son-Rise room and play in joy every day, without attachment to outcome or expectation.  In this environment, they feel safe to come out of autism, but only when you can truly say that it is not a need.

A second major part of this journey will be diet. I have learned about the Body Ecology Diet. It has an amazing potential to bring the body into balance which is desperately needed by many if not all autistic children.  It is however not easy and this is something I have struggled with for a year now. Food is such a part of our society.  It is really difficult to follow such a diet, especially in the beginning, however, if you are giving the potential for curing your child from autism, how can you not do it? I am at a point where I really need to begin anew and do my best to follow this diet for my son. I would like to share this experience as well as it unfolds, perfect or not.

I admit I am a little afraid that I will fail, but that is not going to stop me. It is my hope that this website and my sharing of this journey will motivate me and others to recover our children from autism.  Liam is 8 years old and though I wish I started much sooner, we only have today and today is a good day to begin…..